St Louis Hip Hop

Have you got the skills, body and confidence to be a stripper? St Louis is a great place, but the best dancers work across the river in nearby Brooklyn, Illinois. Drop in any night of the week and have a friendly chat with one of our Directors. Find PT's Brooklyn at 213 Madison Street in Brooklyn, Illinois just over the McKinley Bridge.

Whether it's your first time to visit a st louis hip hop club or you're a regular customer, proper behavior and following the unspoken rules of the establishment can maximize the excitement and experience of being there. Be sure not to do these common mistakes that can waste your money, give you a bad time, or earn you poor customer service at a st louis hip hop strip club:

1.    Taking an unwilling person to the strip club. It doesn't matter whether it's a girlfriend, a female friend, or even an unwilling male friend. Bringing someone who doesn't want to go to a strip club because they are uncomfortable will just dampen the mood. Strippers may also avoid you if they feel or think that your companion doesn't want them around you or them.

2.    Not learning the rules. All strip clubs have rules and it's best to learn about them if you're visiting one so you can avoid confusion, awkwardness, and committing offenses that may get you banned from entering the premises again. Knowing the rules also gives you an idea on what to expect to prevent unwanted surprises. You should also research about a strip club before visiting so you'll know about their prices and won't be taken by surprise by the sudden charges on your bill.

3.    Not knowing how to say 'no'. If a stripper approaches you and you do not really want her attention, learn to say 'no' properly and with respect instead of making excuses. Their feelings won't be hurt anyway, and it saves them time.

Once you're ready to visit a st louis hip hop strip club, make sure it's PT's Brooklyn. We are very accessible from McKinley Bridge, at 213 Madison Street, Brooklyn, IL. Everyone aged 18 and above is welcome in our strip club, and you won't have to worry about high admission prices. PT's Brooklyn can arrange a DreamGirl Party or a custom experience for you. Simply call 618-274-2582 to make arrangements. You may also join our club by registering in this website.
PT's Brooklyn
213 Madison Rd‎ East St Louis, IL 62201

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St Louis Hip Hop