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If the girls at your local Black Magic St. Louis strip club just aren't doing it for you anymore, come across the river to Brooklyn, Illinois. 213 Madison Street in Brooklyn, Illinois just over the McKinley Bridge. We're open every night of the week until at least 4 o'clock in the morning. 618.274.2582

Some strip clubs offer services where you can have a stripper Black Magic St. Louis all to yourself in a private room or for your own personal lap dance. Selecting a stripper can be intimidating especially when you're presented with a wide roster of pretty girls, but these tips should help you pick one confidently:

1.    Visit the stripper joint as a regular customer. To start, watch and observe the girls on your own as they're performing. Doing so allows you to measure their skills as a dancer and as an entertainer. Don't forget to tip them and let them interact with you, too. Look approachable by dressing decently. They will feel comfortable approaching you if you look respectful and nice.

2.    Learn more about the services. Find out more about the things a stripper is allowed to do in the strip club while spending her time with you. That way, you'll be aware of how far you can go with your stripper and avoid potential trouble with the management.

3.    Don't judge a book by its cover. As cliché as it sounds, avoid choosing a stripper based solely on her looks. Look at her body language and her social skills, too.

Go to Black Magic St. Louis for the best stripper St Louis experience. Meet the most beautiful ladies in our strip club by participating in our DreamGirl Party or by arranging a custom experience. Our second floor has three rooms where you can enjoy private time with one or more of our strippers. Private dances and sensual back rubs may be arranged, too. Visit PT's Brooklyn tonight or call 618-274-2582 for more details. St Louis Strip Club
PT's Brooklyn
213 Madison Rd‎ East St Louis, IL 62201

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St Louis Strip Club